B+ Cubensis Magic Mushroom



B+ Cubensis Magic Mushroom

B+ cubensis magic mushroom is a psilocybe strain and a well-known hallucinogenic species. This strain is very popular with growers as it is easy to deal with. These mushrooms are good to accept a wide range of growing substrates and conditions and deliver large, thick caps. Though psilocybe cubensis b+ is not the fastest grower among cubensis strains but is also not the slowest, the mushroom color varies a little, depending on the growing conditions. Moreover, it is one of the most well-known closely-related psychoactive species having somewhat different effects. The substances accountable for its psychoactive effects are psilocin, psilocybin, norbaeocystin, and baeocystin. The concentration of such substances varies significantly from one mushroom to another.

Effects of B+ Cubensis Magic Mushroom

B+ Cubensis Magic Mushroom is generally a psilocybin-containing mushroom that alters mood and perception but is not always enjoyable. Users may experience either euphoric or terrifying effects. It also induces subtle or intense hallucinations that may be disturbing or beautiful. The users may feel a sense of unreality after taking B+ cubensis mushroom, even though many users have profound spiritual experiences. However, the exact psilocybe cubensis effects or experiences of the mushroom depend on the variety and species of mushroom, the dose, and the user’s mental state. However, there are multiple ways to maximize the possibilities of having a pleasing experience.

Benefits of using B+ Cubensis Magic Mushroom

Apart from the cubensis mushroom’s psychoactive effects, these mushrooms have some evidence to be useful for treating various medical conditions, including depression and severe headaches. In addition, the B+ strain is known for being warm, visual, and spiritual. However, this strain is not risk-free but is considered a suitable choice for beginners.

Where to buy B+ Cubensis Magic Mushroom

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