Mushrooms gummies

Mushroom gummies are a delicious product of magic mushrooms that are enough to get your psilocybin intake. Several people like to consume mushroom gummies when they crave their psilocybin infusion. Mushrooms gummies are available in different flavours, including Astro Boy Mushroom Infused Gummies 2500mg, Astro Boy Mushroom Infused Gummies 3300mg, Dames Mushroom Infused Gummies 3000mg, and Shroomies Microbites Assorted Gummies 3000mg.

Here are some most incredible mushroom gummies benefits that you should know-

  • Mushroom gummies are extremely more straightforward to consume than dried mushrooms 
  • It tastes more incredible than dried mushrooms
  • It provides rapid effects that start to work within 30 to 45 minutes
  • Do not give birth to anxiety or sick feelings.
  • It is easy to get over its effects and get back to normal
  • They come in a more compatible psilocybin dosage described in relation to dried shrooms.

Effects of mushroom gummies 

Positive Effects: The most common positive effects of mushroom gummies include peacefulness, euphoria, derealization, spiritual awakening, or the sense that surroundings are unnatural.

Adverse Effects: Mushroom gummies also have some adverse effects like other mushrooms. The common adverse effects of mushroom gummies include distorted thinking, visual alteration and distortion, dilated pupils, dizziness, impaired concentration, drowsiness, muscle weakness, lack of coordination, paranoia, confusion, and frightening hallucinations.

It also makes a person feel depersonalised or fall into a dream-like sense of being disengaged from surroundings. Yet, all the effects of mushroom gummies vary between people, depending on their mental state, personality, and atmosphere.

Where to buy magic mushroom gummies

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