Keepers Creeper


The Keepers Creeper variety is one of the most common and preferable choices for cultivators just starting. Psilocybe cubensis mushroom was first found growing in a mound of cow waste. However, keepers creepers mushrooms are also known to be incredibly fast colonizers and easy to grow for beginners. However, this is a popular strain amongst veterans and beginners with average and above-average strength.


Keepers Creeper

The Keepers Creeper variety is one of the maximum not unusual and most popular alternatives for cultivators simply beginning. Psilocybe cubensis mushroom was first observed developing in a mound of cow waste. however, keepers creepers mushrooms also are acknowledged to be exceptionally fast colonizers and smooth to grow for novices. however, that is a famous pressure amongst veterans and novices with common and above-common power.

Traits of Keepers Creeper magic mushroom

The Keepers Creeper magic mushroom stress has caps with the identical width as the stems. The mushroom caps are bright golden, and the stems are pale. The pale branches are recognized to bruise blue when touched earlier than drying easily. The bluing is an arrow of psilocybin content material inside the mushrooms. This creeper mushroom is observed in nature to colonize very speedy; consequently, it has the name creeper.

Results of Keepers Creeper magic mushrooms

After 10 to half-hour of ingesting Keepers magic mushrooms, your temper might be superior with uncommon excitement and euphoria. depending in your dosage, it’ll offer slight to excessive visual enhancements. After taking this strain, the matters round you can appear like respiratory, nature will sense energetic, and you may be full of reflective mind. artwork and song will look exclusive, and you could have a better appreciation and relate greater personally to the art and song. but, the maximum not unusual dose is zero.5 to one.5g, and a slight dose is two to a few.5g, supplying you with a three-6 hour ride.

Where to buy Keepers magic mushrooms online

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