Cambodian Gold


Cambodian Gold magic mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodian Gold) is a F1 hybrid of our most popular strain Golden Teachers and a high strength strain Cambodian. This is an extremely rare strain. It took many months for our producers to track down and verify the Cambodian Gold spores. The search was worth it, the results were amazing as you can see in the photos.

Cambodian Gold shrooms is characterized by bright golden caps and thick stems. These mushrooms are simply beautiful. The large caps and thick stems indicate above average psilocybin content.

Expect above average potency because of its lineage from two very popular strains. The Cambodian is known for its high potency and Golden Teachers for its insightfulness. Combine these two characteristics and you have one powerful magic mushroom experience.


Cambodian Gold

Cambodian gold is a magic mushroom strain, considered one of the most potent and disease-resistant mushrooms. This variety of mushrooms generally grows well even if the conditions are underoptimized. The resilience of the Cambodian mushrooms strain makes them a fantastic choice for beginners and an excellent option for experienced growers. However, the Cambodian strain falls short of potency; the average tryptamine levels are below 0.6%. Cubensis Cambodia magic mushroom is a true beauty and enthusiast choice. These magic mushrooms grow quickly and sturdy with white, compact branches complemented by frayed, brown caps. It is generally known to stimulate sexual desires or performance. The strain is a perfect choice having incredible effects on humans.

Characteristics of Cambodia gold magic mushrooms

Cambodia magic mushrooms are easy to detect. They grow different caps resembling the conical hat of Asia, where they originate. These mushrooms grow with brown caps and white stems. When all these characteristics are merged, only an amateur user won’t identify them.

Effects of Cambodian Gold Magic Mushroom

Cambodian gold mushroom is the perfect strain for novices. This strain delivers mild effects having a potency lower than other psilocybes. As reported by users, this strain delivers the experience of visual treats and heightened innovative impulses. Thus, it is ideal if you want to go to work and get some lessons. Experienced users can take this mushroom at any time they want. In addition, it further delivers a spiritual trip where users can meditate with the spirits. The effects are also followed by a boost in sexual urges in some people. Moreover, the aphrodisiac effects have made the strain a favorite in some circles.

Where to buy Cambodian gold mushroom 

You can quickly buy Cambodian gold mushrooms online at the most reasonable price only at the official website of psychedelic mushy.

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