Avery Albino Magic Mushroom



Avery Albino Magic Mushroom

Avery Albino magic mushroom is a rare Psilocybe Cubensis strain and somewhat fresh to the Cubensis world. Avery is supposed to be an albino transformation of the Cambodian strain. Avery Albino has only existed for a while but is growing in popularity. The best thing about this magic mushroom is that it is unbelievably beautiful. Unlike other strains in the albino category, they are real albino shrooms. There is not even a single pigment scar on the fruiting bodies it produces, which gives it an excellent load inducement.

Benefits of albino mushrooms 

Usually, the effects of magic mushrooms differ according to the person and dose. Albino mushrooms generally produce a feeling of well-being and euphoria and boost creativity. Some users also note encountering visual or auditory hallucinations after consuming it. In some other states, magic mushrooms can generate spiritual understandings and intensified states of consciousness.

How to use Albino Magic Mushroom

If you are consuming albino for the first time, starting it with a low amount would be best. Consuming it in a safe and comfortable atmosphere is crucial as it can cause differences in perception. Do not mix it with other substances like alcohol or medications, as it can be dangerous.

Adverse Effects of avery shrooms 

Consumption of avery shrooms can switch on persistent frightening transformations in moods, feelings, and perceptions. It can also result in momentary visual flashbacks, hallucinations, and short-term transitions in emotions and thinking. As a result of which, users can formulate anxiety and paranoia.

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Eighth (3.5g), Quarter (7g), Half Ounce (14g), Ounce (28g)


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