Avery Albino Magic Mushroom (7g)



Avery Albino Magic Mushroom arrives from the Cambodian strain and retains the active component of psilocybin. The albino mushroom is known as the ultra-rare mushroom in the market, having high potency that lasts for hours once taken. It got the title “albino” from its creepy all-white appearance, which is uncommon among the varieties of mushrooms. The albino magic mushroom is one of the rare mushies and is popular due to the long-lasting high. Due to its quick and intense effects, it is a magical psilocybin strain for experienced consumers.

Effects of Avery Albino Magic Mushroom (7g)

Avery Albino magic mushrooms have high potency that delivers high-hitting effects and quick acting high that affects the users visually and mentally. The effects of albino shrooms 7g occurred within 15 to 30 minutes after consuming, so first-time consumers are suggested to be careful in taking the mushrooms. Also, users experience euphoria, excitement, and mood elevation within 10 to 30 minutes after the use. You may undergo mild to intense visual improvements depending on the dosage level.

Dosage of Avery Albino Magic Mushroom (7g)

The recommended dosage of albino shrooms is 0.5 to 1.0g for beginners, as it will give a shorter or lighter high. While for average users, a good margin is between 1g to 3g, and for a potent high that adept users crave is more than 3g.

Side effects of Avery Albino Magic Mushroom (7g)

Taking albino magic mushrooms can trigger constant disturbing changes in feelings, moods, and perceptions. It also often causes visual flashbacks, temporary hallucinations, and short-term changes in emotion and thinking.

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